This trip was at the beginning of January 2012 - for the New Year holidays. A relatively cheap Perm-Moscow-Delhi ticket was bought back from Aeroflot for 18,500 rubles, and a…

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Changing the guard on the border of India and Pakistan
However, in this article we will talk about another attraction, which can be seen only eight kilometers from Amritsar - in the small village of Wagah on the Indo-Pakistan border.…

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A week has passed since I came from India ... During this time, many of my impressions gained clarity, transformed into phrases that cause emotion, delight and smile from the…

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Mysore is a beautiful place, everyone knows that. The number one sight of the place — the palace, which has fallen, with all its red domes and kaleidoscopic stained glass windows, is on UNESCO lists — you should certainly go there on Sunday, when it is illuminated in its entirety, right down to the smallest details.

Architectural masterpieces do not end there – there is also the Gothic Cathedral of St. Philomena and the striking Lalit Mahal Palace, famous for its ceremonial British-style tea parties. If you are a sweet tooth, take a look at Mysore Park – for the local dessert, reminiscent of fudge, but in butter made of buffalo milk. For art, go to the Museum of Sand Sculptures – and stroll through the Brindavan Gardens, where there are so many fountains that your eyes diverge. Fans of all kinds of festivals should be noted in their calendars ten-day Dasar festival in September.

Best time: September – January

Tea Leaf Collectors in Ooty, India
High in the Blue Mountains of South India, Ooty is the place to go if you need a break from the tropical heat. Green hills, eucalyptus and tea plantations – everywhere you can reach the unhurried mini-train.

Explore the Ooty Botanical Garden, which is spread over the vast territory, where the Summer Festival is held in May, climb the Doddabetta mountain – this is where you can make a perfect landscape photo. Arrange a ride on horseback around the lake or even farther in the lush green of the countryside. Treat yourself to locally made sumptuous chocolates – and drink it down with local tea. If you want to get some more strange experience – go to the eerie Wax Museum.

Best time: March – June

Listen carefully – and perhaps you will hear French here. “Pondy,” as it is called, was under French rule until 1954, and the Gallic past is striking, especially in the eastern part of the city. In these places, one feels a certain bohemian atmosphere hinting at connections with the world of art – everything about this is breathing tranquility and relaxation, very Indian.

Pondy’s main goal is to make as little effort as possible for any kind of activity, so that you can entertain your inner lazy. The Old Town district consists entirely of quaint-looking buildings, cobbled streets and restaurants, which are prepared in the French spirit. So if you miss the croissants, steak and red wine, sit here, not in a hurry, – and then go to the beach.

Best time: October – February

Women get ready for the ceremony at Jagdish temple in Udaipur
Fans of James Bond films will certainly recognize Udaipur – from Octopussy. The city is literally bursting with various architectural masterpieces, it is full of beautiful lakes, in a word, these are the perfect scenery for a romantic walk. Color is at the forefront here, and here a “color holiday” takes place every year – a festival that adds a double dose of color to the already brighter bright clothes of local residents. Even the buildings look as if they were overshaped for the holiday – the Udaipur City Palace shines in the sun with all its domes and glass mosaics.

The festival of the Green New Moon, which is celebrated in August in the vicinity of the city complex of artificial reservoirs, adds a colorful atmosphere. The November craft fair at the nearby Shilpgram tree is the perfect place to buy crafts by local craftsmen and artists.

Best time: August – January

Incredible India
India is an amazing country of contrasts, combining ancient architecture with modern office buildings, slums with picturesque beaches, poverty and wealth. Since childhood, we have heard fascinating tales about palaces,…


India, a mysterious country with a rich history, has attracted travelers thousands of years ago and now attracts millions of tourists. Poverty and luxury, sensuality and tough caste frames, the…


Vipassana was not at all what I was thinking. Because, first of all, I practically didn’t really know anything about it, and secondly, everyone just said “You just try it”…


Mysore is a beautiful place, everyone knows that. The number one sight of the place — the palace, which has fallen, with all its red domes and kaleidoscopic stained glass…