Holidays in Goa
Besides the fact that Goa is the smallest state located in the south-west of India, it is also the most important beach resort in the country, along which more than…

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The real story of the journey to India must begin with words describing the repressed, confused, or confused spirit of the narrator. This introduction as it prepares the reader for…

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After hearing how enlightened and in love with life people are returning from this country, I wanted to see this for myself. I had to go to Goa. I say…

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The sights of the Golden Triangle have long been known to the whole world and of course everyone who flies to India for the first time tries to see Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. But if you are not an ordinary tourist, a little more curious, then you will definitely want to look behind the scenes and see a little more than travel agencies and standard routes can show. That is what I suggest to you)

Arrival Meeting at the airport. Acquaintance. Transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Delhi.

1st day Delhi.

On the first day I will introduce you to Delhi. I will tell the story of this city, and it is not only ancient, but also very interesting.

Sights most popular:

• Aksharhdam temple – is listed in the Guinness Book of Records (in the evening, if you wish, you can stay at the fountain show)

• Gurudwara Bangla Sahb – Sikh temple (it is the largest in Delhi)

• Lakshmi Narayan Temple

• a sightseeing tour of Delhi streets: the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid Mosque, the Thieves Market and the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Park, the Gateway of India and the Presidential Palace

• Dhobi Ghat laundry, men wash only here

• Agracena well (14th century monument)

After we tick off and see what all the tourists show, I will show you another India:

• walking tour through the old town (we will visit the largest spice market in northern India, the photos here will be bright, and the memories and smells will stay with you for a long time)

• ride a rickshaw (we will feel and see the capital of India closer)

• let’s go to have a snack in the place where real Indian flat cakes are cooked

(local people eat here and these are the best flat cakes in all of Delhi, believe me, because even our politicians and Bollywood governments, when they visit Delia, stop by for a bite to eat, even the Prime Minister himself !!!)

• Evening walk near the Gate of India and the Presidential Palace (in the evening they look very different)

Overnight in Delhi

Day 2: Delhi-Agra

Transfer to Agra (2-3 hours)

On this day:

• Red Fort (great history and architecture which is worth seeing)

• Baby Taj (first build of marble)

And then the non-touristic Agra is waiting for us:

• A walk on the bank of the Yamuna will see how locals wash and paint clothes

• Let’s taste the sweetness of Petha (the sweetness of which is famous for Agra)

Overnight in Agra

Day 3: Agra-Jaipur

Early in the morning after breakfast we will see the Taj Mahal of the eighth Wonder of the World (I will tell the story of eternal love and the creation of this monument, I will show impressive details of the architecture)

Sightseeing tour of the rich region of Agra, live the cream of society (you can compare the lives of the poor and the rich, find out where India is called the country of contrasts)

Transfer to Jaipur (Pink City) 230 km. On the way, the village of Abhaneri, where the oldest well of the country Chand Baori is located (9th century)

In the evening, a colorful open-air dinner with national dances.

Overnight in Jaipur

4th day: Jaipur

Today in the program:

• Amber Fort (climb elephants in the fort)

• City Palace

• Observatory

• Palace of the Winds (the most famous landmark of the Pink City)

• Water Palace (Jal Mahal)

Non-touristic Jaipur:

• Elephant village Hati Gao (feed the elephants, you can paint on them, ride, improve karma)))

• Visit a place where funeral pyres pass when someone dies from the royal family

• Today we will try Kachori – a special cake, it is cooked only here and especially loved in Jaipur

• Evening prayer at the Lakshmi Narain Hindu temple (a very beautiful sight: hundreds of people, a white marble temple, lights and incredible energy)

Overnight in Jaipur

5th day: Jaipur Delhi

Program of the day:

• Galta temple complex (there is a gorge of mountains and temples here are very beautiful and there are still many monkeys that can be fed directly from the hands, which we will definitely do. It will give joy to both small and large tourists)

• Moving to Delhi

• airport transfer.

In Agra, we arrived at 11 pm and immediately went to look for the Taj Mahal. By the way, after 10 hours, life in the cities is dying out, it…


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