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Shocking facts about India that you didn’t know about before.

Without a doubt, India is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. She still remains a mystery to the majority, despite the fact that everyone knows about herself, her traditions, cooking, history. This is a country of contrasts. And yet in India, in a country with democracy, mobile phones, developed pharmaceutical industry and Bollywood, many strange and incomprehensible phenomena.
It is the largest democratic country in the world. It is difficult to provide such tremendous support to the government from society, but society in turn makes the government work a lot. Well, or the impression is created! To this day, a caste system has been preserved in India, which indicates to each member of society its place.

India has 6 seasons
In most countries of the world only 4 seasons, there are countries in which even less. For example, in countries located at the equator, it is warm all year round, and vice versa, in countries beyond the Arctic Circle it is constantly cold. In India, there are 6 seasons in the calendar of Hinduism, the country’s main religion: summer, monsoon season, autumn, winter, spring, spring.

National currency
Unfortunately, the national currency of India, rupees, is not allowed to export from the country. This news will upset tourists, but this excludes currency speculation. Although local residents are trying to export currency and speculate with neighboring Bangladesh, it all happens on a small scale. More and more people in India are starting to use the cards.

Over 25% of India’s population is illiterate
India is a land of contrasts. There are poor and rich people in the country who are literate and people who cannot read and write, and such a magnificent building as the Taj Mahal is adjacent to the shacks. The country has only 65% ​​of the literate population. Among literate women, there are 45%, and among men – 75%. Despite the relatively high literacy in India, a high level of poverty.

India is growing
The country’s population continues to grow. It is said that by 2028 India will catch up with China. Today it has already exceeded the total population of Western Europe.

India was once an island
At the time of Pangea, all the continents were one large land area. Thanks to tectonic processes, huge parts began to separate. It was then that India began the journey separately from other parts. Later, she ran into a piece, which today is Asia, and stopped.

More than 1000 languages ​​in India
In India, people speak 1000 different languages ​​and dialects. A PhraseBook does not help the traveler either, since many local dialects and languages ​​are radically different. True, most people know Hindi.

India has a high death rate
India has the highest mortality rate in the world. The main reason for this is traffic accidents. Traffic on the roads in India, especially in cities, is extremely intensive, and its adjustment is absent. To safely maneuver between cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, animals and pedestrians, you must have talent. People are dying under the wheels of cars or because of choking in crowded buses. Mortality of newborns and pregnant women also contributes to the high mortality rate due to insufficiently qualified medical care. In addition, they still kill for infidelity and dowry.

The film industry is flourishing in India
When it comes to movies, everyone has associations with Hollywood. However, in India annually produce about 1,100 films, which is two times more than in the United States. Believe it or not, most Indian films are not produced in Bollywood. While many like the colorful, emotional, expressive films of Bollywood stars, this is only a small part of all Indian film production.

India breaks records
Indians’ passion for records in various fields can be called strange. For example, the Guinness Book of Records recorded a record of the world’s largest crocheted blanket. In India, the world’s largest metal peacock was erected. A record was recorded for the most massive performance of the national anthem.

Mumbai city
Everyone knows the problem that occurs in multimillion megacities all over the world – this is air pollution from automobile exhaust gases.

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