India has a wave of rape
Every 22 minutes somewhere in India rape is committed. Often a group, sometimes ending in murder ... India has a wave of rape The problem of criminal and social has…

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India, a mysterious country with a rich history, has attracted travelers thousands of years ago and now attracts millions of tourists. Poverty and luxury, sensuality and tough caste frames, the…

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Excursion to Delhi: INDIA - THE COUNTRY OF BENGAL TIGERS (safari tour)
DELI-AGRA-BHARATPUR (KEOLADEO) -RANTHAMBOR- ORCHHA KAJURAHO DELHI One of the greatest wealth of India is its wildlife. This tour was created to explore the wildlife of my country, this journey can…

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For almost a month of my stay, I was able to visit four states of India, experience all the delights of Indian cuisine, meet amazing people, Buddhist monks, travelers who hover in India for half a year, practice yoga and even find themselves in a hot spot.
And it all began quite traditionally- the golden triangle-Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, where all the most famous monuments, architectural and not only, are concentrated. I will make a reservation right away, in advance in India, it’s better not to plan anything, you can only schedule cities and dates. Booking hotels and guesthouses will be much cheaper on site, but buying plane tickets, trains is better in advance, especially trains. We ourselves bought domestic flights and on the trains directly in India the day before departure, and believe us we got only the most expensive tickets.
Let’s start! The first capital city of Delhi is very noisy and very crowded. I have never seen or heard so much at the same time. I don’t think anyone stays here for long. although it is worth being here for example to see with your own eyes the Lotus Temple

To wander through the Maine Bazaar and bargain with the Indians, and most importantly, to see beautiful people and their reaction to you, and you can be sure you will be photographed as you photograph the sights, because you have white skin.
On the third day, we leave from here to Agra with a cheerful and infinitely patient Sith (those who go in turban), our driver for the next three days. To get to the Taj Mahal, a European will have to pay 70 times more than a local resident (that’s where the contrast is 700 rupees versus 10) But it’s worth it and then you won’t have to stand in kilometer queues

After Taj, we went into a small-looking shop and felt all the delights of local trade.

Now I really regret that I took so little money with me and did not buy many things, because in India you can easily buy something 10-15 times cheaper than anywhere else, really)
After Agra, we are going to Jaipur, the world center of jewelry, a big bazaar city. But I personally remember it by Amber Castle, which he meets at the entrance to the city

The real adventure began after three days.
trips around the golden triangle — we returned to Delhi late in the evening and bought a plane ticket the next morning to Srinagar.
The city of Srinagar is a completely different India and other people, and frankly speaking, this is not India at all. The state of Kashmir is on the border with Pakistan and there are still no military clashes here. Srinagar is located at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level and is called Indian Venice, because there is a huge lake, on which there are houses, boats, surrounded by blooming lotuses.

We were very lucky because we met two Germans and then traveled together, rented a house on the water together, hired a jeep together to go through the Himalayas and of course shared our impressions. Srinagar is very beautiful

And here, too, insanely beautiful gardens
But my dream was Leh-city of Buddhists, a city on the border with Tibet and how great it is that our plans and the plans of Michael and Sowie from Germany coincided. Two days we were looking for a driver who would agree to take us two days through the Himalayas with a stop and overnight in Kargil, a mountain village. Never before have I been in the mountains, so high, where such dry air and such high pressure. Mountain sickness was) two days, but I do not regret, because first of all I had never been in such an incredible place before.

This is the second most difficult road in the world – the Srinagar-Leh highway in the Indian state of Kashmir. The road passes on average at an altitude of 3.5-4 kilometers above sea level. Because of the snowfall, the track only works for a few months a year – from mid-June to mid-November.
I admit, even Lech himself as a result did not impress me as much as the road there.

But here is Leh: Buddhist monasteries, monks, carefree as children, desert mountains.
After Lech, we flew by plane again to Delhi and from there by train to the city of yogis, the most Indian city – Rishikesh. Rishikesh is famous for many of the fact that the Beatles once lived here and recorded a whole album. today you can have a good rest and relax. Every second is a “yoga teacher”, every first is a “master of massage”. Here originates Ganga here is not such a spicy food.

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